3 best D’Angelo Russell trades for the Lakers

Adam Pantozzi/NBAE via Getty Images

With the NBA’s unofficial trade season beginning on December 15th, the Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly looking to move starting point guard D’Angelo Russell. Russell is ineligible to be traded until January 15th as he re-signed this offseason using Bird Rights.

When Rob Pelinka extended Russell in June, it was met with some criticism by many in the fanbase due to his poor performance in the Western Conference Finals. While the pushback was understandable, it was a move that made sense at the time. 

The idea was to keep the foundation of the Lakers core together while simultaneously pairing a plus scorer and playmaker with LeBron and AD. 

Fast forward 29 games into the 2023 season, and it has proven to be an up-and-down signing for LA. Offensively, Russell has contributed almost the exact same numbers as last season, averaging 15/3/6. 

However, he has struggled mightily with turnovers and has continuously shown to be a defensive liability. 

The Lakers need more consistency from the point guard position, as Russell’s offensive efficiency is not strong enough to compensate for the giveaways and poor defense.

If they were to move Russell, they would almost certainly have to receive another point guard in return. The only other true point guard on the roster is Gabe Vincent, who has missed most of the season due to a knee injury and is being eased back into a role with the team. 

With that being said, here are three potential trades involving D’Angelo Russell that would make a lot of sense for the Lakers.

Lakers trade D’Angelo Russell, Rui Hachimura, Gabe Vincent, and 2029 top-three protected first to the Bulls for Zach LaVine and Jevon Carter

Ultimately, the most realistic trade outcome for the Lakers and D’Angelo Russell would be to package him in a deal for a star. 

The LakeShow is in a win-now window with LeBron and can afford to give up assets for an impact player like LaVine. 

LaVine would provide them with the three-level scoring that they’d be losing with Russell and open up more scoring opportunities for LeBron and AD.

Lakers trade D’Angelo Russell, Rui Hachimura, and two 2025 2nd round picks to the Raptors for OG Anunoby and Dennis Schroder

While not as flashy as LaVine, OG Anunoby would be an excellent pickup for the Lakers. He is an all-around player who can score on all three levels and provide great defense. 

This would mark Schroder’s third stint with the Lakers. Like Russell, Schroder has also struggled with turnovers this year. However, he is a better defender and is still averaging 15 PPG this season.

Lakers trade D’Angelo Russell to the Magic for Markelle Fultz

If LA opts to go after a better fit at point guard, then this trade makes a ton of sense for both sides. The Lakers would get a defensive upgrade in Fultz, who can still be a playmaker for the offense. 

Fultz has also shown he can be a starter, as he started 60 games for the Magic last year. Meanwhile, Russell would get the opportunity to thrive as a scorer off the bench for the Magic.


  • I would love OG Anunoby and Dennis Schroder back

    Abraham Reyes
  • I’ve always been a big fan of Jevon Carter since I went to WVU w/ him. He was a back2back national DPOY in college, & has been an underrated sneaky good POA defender in the NBA. He also shot well over 40% from 3 the past couple years. This year he’s off to a slow start in 3PT% but playing w/ Bron & AD should open that up.

    Packaging Rui + Dlo + Gabe to get Lavine & Carter allows us to not give up any defense for a “star” & if anything it upgrades our defense as Carter is a better defender than Vincent. Jevon would also finally give us our POA defender we lack since losing Dennis. We’d still have a ton of depth, have a BIG 3, & have all of our key defenders. It’s a risk sure, Lavines contract is big, but come playoff time it’s an 8 man rotation at best. We won’t need 12 depth pieces in the rotation. I think Lavine’s motor would come back on a contender, he’s still young & we would finally have a consistent 3rd scorer, & someone to ball out when James sits.

    Michael Fonseca
  • Great overview of the situation, written very well. Let’s see what LeGM does. Sorry, I meant to say Pelinka.

  • Would say no to packaging rui in the trade. Unfortunately bulls are in a rebuild stage not a win now stage, would offer dlo max and FRP to bulls to get rid of that situation. Lakers take a hit on luxury tax for a chip.

    Also try and bring in trey murphy from pels for jhs to provide another wing shooter.

    Lakers but in particular lebron is the best pg they have. He wins with a Sg/Sf like lavine (wade days) and big wing shooters (bubble season). He can run point


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