Can LeBron James and the Lakers become the first team to comeback from 3-0?

The Lakers have a historic battle in front of them if they want to reach the NBA Finals. LA is down 3-0 in the series as the Nuggets have come to play.

No team in NBA history has ever comeback down 3-0 in a playoff series. While it’s a tough task, it is possible that the Lakers could win four in a row to reach the NBA Finals.

LeBron James has been on the winning side of history before. In the 2016 NBA Finals, James and the Cavaliers trailed the Warriors 3-1 in the series. Golden State was looking to finish off their historic 73-9 regular season (an NBA record) with a championship. 

However, James and the Cavaliers were determined to win the series. He led them to become the first team in NBA history to overcome a 3-1 deficit in the NBA Finals.

If any player can lead the charge for a historic comeback, it’s LeBron James. 

This is also a Lakers team that has faced a ton of adversity. They started the season 2-10 and were in 13th place at the trade deadline. They have had their backs against the wall all season long.

The new additions at the trade deadline helped them make it to the play-in tournament, then advance all the way to the Conference Finals.

This roster has what it takes to put up a fight against the Nuggets. 

Heading into Game 4, what adjustments do the Lakers need to make? They need to let Nikola Jokic go one-on-one with Anthony Davis playing help defense from the paint. When perimeter players have gone to double him in the post, it has led to open three-point shots.

If they can let Jokic play one-on-one and be a scorer rather than a balanced scorer and passer, it would weaken Denver’s offense.

They also need to contain Jamal Murray. Murray has had 37 points in back-to-back games, and LA needs to slow him down.

On offense, the Lakers need to be consistent. They have had too many scoring droughts at key moments of the game that have contributed to their losses.

Everyone needs to play to their strength. James and Davis must dominate in the paint and not settle for three-point shots. Austin Reaves and Rui Hachimura need to keep up their play, as they have been the bright spot for LA in the series.

The biggest question mark is D’Angelo Russell. Russell is an offensive player but has struggled in this series. If Russell can get his shot going, the Lakers' offense would be much harder for Denver to stop.

The Lakers season is on the line tonight at home in LA. They need to fight with their season on the line and take the series one game at a time.

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