Lakers Buyout Market Watchlist

It was an active trade deadline for the Lakers, who will now shift to the buyout market. Rob Pelinka kept a roster spot open, which can be used to add someone to the buyout market.

They could also open up another roster spot by waiving Davon Reed, who was acquired in the Thomas Bryant trade, along with three second-second round picks.

After all the trades, the Lakers are now constructed similarly to how they were in 2020, with quality role players around LeBron James and Anthony Davis. The difference is most of these players are young, giving Los Angeles a rejuvenated young core despite not having a young star.

On the buyout market, LA can look to acquire another wing and a third-string point guard.

Options on the market include Danny Green, John Wall, Bryn Forbes, Will Barton, Justin Holiday, Stanley Johnson, and Kevin Love.

These are a lot of names, so let’s break them down.

A reunion with Green likely wouldn’t yield a ton of minutes but would add a veteran leadership presence in the locker room along with LeBron and AD. Most of the roster is young, so they could use one more veteran in the locker room. 

Wall could be brought in as a third-string point guard, but his lack of shooting doesn’t make him a great fit on the roster.

Forbes is a more intriguing candidate as a career 41% three-point shooter. However, he is having a down year, shooting just 30.4% from three in 25 games this season.

Barton is going to be bought out from the Wizards and would be an excellent pickup for the Lakers. He is a two-way wing, averaging 8/3/2 this season, shooting 38% from three on 3.4 attempts per game. Barton could be a solid wing to add to the rotation.

Holiday was traded to the Rockets at the deadline and will likely be bought out. He is more of a defender and is a career 36.4% shooter from three. As a depth wing, Holiday is an option.

Johnson could have a reunion with the Lakers, after playing here last season. He's a defensive wing, shooting a career-high 45% from three on 1.3 attempts per game. He could be solid forward depth in Ham's rotation.

Love is a very intriguing candidate in this buyout market. If the Cavaliers buyout Love, LeBron could push the front office to sign him. Love was a pivotal part of LeBron's 2016 championship Cavs team. However, Pelinka made a plethora of deals for frontcourt depth, with the acquisitions of Jarred Vanderbilt, Rui Hachimura, and Mo Bamba. 

The Lakers aren’t done with their roster moves, with the buyout market expected to be filled with solid role players. Barton makes the most sense as a fit and would be a great addition. If you were Pelinka, who would you pick up with the open roster spot?


  • Pick the one with the glasses on in the picture He is a supreme shooter. That is what you need a shooter that makes what he shoots. Someone that can chip in 20 to 30 points a game.

    Joyce Mae Schueler
  • I will take Barton and Love, then waive Devon Reed. This is the most logical move the Lakers should do.

    Mike Mate
  • Barton or Green or Stanley

  • Stanley Johnson or Kevin love

    Jack Shannon
  • Barton or Green


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