Lakers draft target: Kobe Bufkin

The NBA Draft is a couple of hours away, where the Lakers will pick at 17 and 40 (if they don’t trade the picks).

There are many options for them at 17, one being Kobe Bufkin. The 19-year-old guard averaged 14/5/3 in his sophomore season at Michigan. He shot 48.2% from the field and 35.5% from three.

Bufkin can score off the dribble and is a solid shooter. He is great at getting open off the ball, especially off-ball motion actions. Bufkin is a very athletic combo guard that had a solid sophomore campaign.

He’s a solid defender and a good guard prospect. Bukfin can score in a variety of different ways. He is great at getting downhill to the rim and has improved his jump shot.

The 6-foot-4 guard has the versatility to play point or shooting guard.

The Lakers' front office values players that have the potential to grow into impactful players on both ends of the floor. Bufkin could develop into a consistent two-way player and fit Darvin Ham’s scheme well. 

Becoming a more consistent shooter would help Bufkin be an impact player early in his career.

Bufkin should be on the draft board for the Lakers if he falls to 17. It would also be a fun storyline, given his initials are K.B. and his name is Kobe.

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