Patrick Beverley’s Altercation With Deandre Ayton Sparks Chemistry For Lakers


The Lakers' three-game winning streak came to an end with a loss to the Phoenix Suns. However, that wasn’t the main takeaway from the game.


Patrick Beverley was suspended 3 games for his altercation with Suns center Deandre Ayton. It came after Devin Booker commited a hard foul on Austin Reaves. Booker then mean-mugged and appeared to be talking trash while Ayton went and stood over Reaves as he laid on the ground. Beverley then retaliated by shoving Ayton down.



Beverley has always been known for having his teammates’ backs and that’s what he did for Reaves. These moments build chemistry.



This could spark a run for the Lakers. What helped Los Angeles in the 2020 championship season was how close the team was to each other. Beverley proving that he has his teammates' back shows the team that they need to be there for each other.



After the game, Beverley said, “I'm a big fan of protecting my teammates. Especially teammates that I go to war for every night. I kind of felt like the play kind of got out of control after the stare down at Austin Reaves by Book, then another stare down by Ayton. And the refs didn't really come in and kind of break it up.”

The Lakers have winnable games back to back, taking on the Spurs on Friday and Saturday. With LeBron James set to return to action and Beverley bringing the team closer together, the Lakers could hit their stride and go on a run.

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