Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley want championship rings if Lakers win title

The Lakers find themselves in the 2nd round, tied 1-1 with the Warriors. Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley, who started the season on the roster, want championship rings if the Lakers win the title.

In the NBA, players that were on the roster of the champion at any time during the season will be offered a championship ring. However, most traded or waived players do not accept the championship ring as they were not on the roster when they won the title.

Westbrook and Beverley were both traded at the deadline for players that fit the team better. The new roster led to a resurgence of the Lakers’ season. 

Westbrook was not a good fit with LA’s roster as the big three did not workout alongside LeBron James and Anthony Davis. They traded him to acquire D’Angelo Russell, Jarred Vanderbilt, and Malik Beasley.

Beverley did not perform well during his tenure with the Lakers. They both did not fit well with the team, and the moves at the deadline turned the season around. 

Nevertheless, Westbrook and Beverley want championship rings if the Lakers go on to win it all.

What do you think? Should Westbrook and Beverley receive championship rings if the Lakers go on to win the title?

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