Lakers Interested in Jae Crowder

The Lakers are among multiple teams interested in veteran forward Jae Crowder. Crowder has not played for the Phoenix Suns this season, and both sides are seeking a trade. 

The 32-year-old forward is a 3&D guy that contributes on both ends of the floor. Los Angeles lacks depth at wing and could use his 6’6’’ size and game in their rotation.

Crowder averaged 9/5/2 while shooting 39.9% and 34.8 from three last season. His defensive play would help LA as he could guard the opposing team’s forwards.

Darvin Ham has LeBron James and Troy Brown Jr. as the only true forwards in his rotation, with a surplus of guards. This has forced Ham to utilize Dennis Schroder, Patrick Beverley, and Russell Westbrook as wing defenders. 

Crowder would give the Lakers much-needed depth at wing.

However, the Suns want a quality rotational player in return, making a trade for Crowder difficult to pull off unless another team gets involved. That’s if Phoenix would even entertain helping Los Angeles, as their rivalry has grown of late.

If Rob Pelinka can get a deal done for Crowder, he would be a tremendous role player for the Lakers.

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