Should the Lakers trade for Bradley Beal?

Three-time All-Star Bradley Beal will work with the Wizards' front office to find a trade if they elect to rebuild this offseason. 

Beal signed a five-year $251 million extension last offseason with Washington. They now have a new front office, which could have a different direction for the franchise.

Beal holds a no-trade clause, which means he will work closely with the front office to pick his next team, as he can decline a trade if he doesn't want to go to a certain team.

Beal is a talented guard, but his huge contract won’t make it easy for teams to acquire. The soon-to-be 30-year-old averaged 23/4/5, shooting 50.6% from the field and 36.5% from three. 

Whenever a star is available, the Lakers are almost always linked to them. Beal is no different, and it’s an intriguing idea.

His scoring and shooting would be a good fit around LeBron James and Anthony Davis. He would fit the 3rd star role extremely well.

With his huge contract, it doesn’t make sense for LA. Trading for him would sacrifice depth and draft picks. It would also pigeonhole them in signing players this offseason. If they acquired Beal, re-signing Austin Reaves and Rui Hachimura could be difficult.

While on paper, the talent of Beal would fit well with James and Davis, the depth they would lose is not worth it.

We saw how the big three of James, Davis, and Russell Westbrook panned out. It’s hard to win with three huge contracts, as the team doesn’t have enough money to pay quality role players.

The idea of Beal is enticing, but it’s not worth it for the Lakers to trade for him, given his huge contract and the depth they would lose.

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