Lakers trade target: Spencer Dinwiddie

Photo by Chris Elise/NBAE via Getty Images

According to Shams Charania, Brooklyn Nets point guard Spencer Dinwiddie is among the Lakers trade targets. The Nets are 11th in the East with a 19-27 record, meaning they could be sellers at the deadline.

The Lakers (24-25) have shown interest in many point guards in the trade market, signaling that they are not happy with their production from the position.

Starting point guard D’Angelo Russell is red hot at the moment, as he is averaging 23/2/6 off of 49% shooting in January. However, he has had his fair share of ups and downs throughout the season and has been the topic of trade rumors for quite some time.

Furthermore, backup point guard Gabe Vincent has been a disappointment in his first season with the Lakers. Vincent has appeared in just five games due to a knee injury and averaged a mere 5/1/3 when he was on the court.

With this in mind, it makes sense that the Lakers are checking in on point guards around the league. The position group has been inconsistent at best, and they could use a spark to improve their record leading up to the playoffs.

Spencer Dinwiddie is an interesting veteran option for the Lakers as he is in his 10th season and will be 31 years old in April. He is having an average season for the Nets, putting up 13/3/6 while shooting 39% from the field.

Like Russell, Dinwiddie has also struggled with consistency this season. He is a streaky scorer that tends to be either hot or cold.

Furthermore, he has not been a difference-maker on defense, averaging less than a steal per game and a mere 1.1 deflections per game.

Moreover, the Lakers would take on Dinwiddie’s $20.3 million salary if they decide to trade for him. In order to financially facilitate a trade, the Lakers would have to include D’Angelo Russell ($17.3 million) or Gabe Vincent ($10.5 million) and 2+ role players.

Given this context about Dinwiddie, the Purple and Gold would be wise to pass on the veteran guard and pursue another player at the deadline. He is not an immediate upgrade over Russell and does not bring top-tier playmaking or defensive ability to the team.

One scenario that could make sense for Dinwiddie and the Lakers is if he is rerouted to LA as a part of a three-team trade involving D’Angelo Russell.

Adrian Wojnarowski reported that finding a third team for Russell has been a halting point in a potential trade with the Atlanta Hawks for guard Dejounte Murray.

While the Lakers wouldn’t need Dinwiddie if they acquired Murray, Woj’s report could also be a sticking point with other trade targets for the LakeShow.

If the Lakers need another veteran point guard to help facilitate a trade, then Dinwiddie could be an option.

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